Known for the rare combination of expertise in public relations, journalism, and advertising, Sam Adeoye has worked for more than 20 years in all three fields and at the highest levels.

As the founding COO of Red Gecko PR, he helped lay the foundation for the company which today is a high value member of the Verdant Zeal Group. Aside from Red Gecko, Sam was also Creative Director at DKK Nigeria and STB McCann Lagos, where he led teams on such important accounts as MasterCard, Airtel, Coca-Cola, Visafone, Kanekalon, The Clean Cooking Alliance, Facebook, and several others.

An award-winning creative, Sam Adeoye has been on the jury of The Future Awards, the Lagos Advertising and Ideas Festival (LAIF), and the New York Festivals Advertising Awards (NYFAA).

Currently leading Boardroom Hypeman (the Key Person Positioning™ Company), he is in charge of platforms and compelling stories with which to position corporate leaders as key influencers in their industries—and nationwide.

In the course of his career, Sam has also built a reputation as an excellent nonfiction writer with a focus on companies, their leadership, and their businesses. A product of that practice is The New Establishment—presented on this website and published as a column in The Guardian, Nigeria’s flagship newspaper.

Working with Sam on this highly regarded and celebrated project is a team of culture advocates and pop culture engineers who curate the list that is then researched and profiled for the series.

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